Short TERm

Insurance gives you peace of mind, so that should any disaster happen you know you are covered. Insurance is there to provide protection for your vehicle, household and/or your business. Short-term insurance is crucial in this day an age as disasters can occur at any time.

Personal Insurance

Household Insurance
Who needs household cover? Consider this: between April and December 2016, an average of 61.3 houses were robbed each day in South Africa (source). Our household insurance gives you financial cover for the cost of replacing items that have been stolen from your home. It also covers accidental damage to items, as well as loss through acts of nature, such as:
· Weather (flood, hail and wind damage)
· Fire
· Earthquake

Vehicle Insurance
There are approximately 900 000 vehicle accidents on South African roads every year, and around eight million uninsured vehicles.

Vehicle insurance covers you against damage to, or total loss of, your vehicle in the event of an accident. It can also cover you for the cost of repairs to another vehicle if the accident was your fault.Vehicle insurance also covers you if your car is stolen – and one in every 350 South Africans has their vehicle stolen every year.

Commercial Insurance
This is why you need Commercial Insurance.

Commercial insurance protects you, your employees, and the business you’ve worked so hard to create. It’s an essential safety net against the potentially devastating financial fallout from fire, theft or a lawsuit to name but a few. It could very well be the difference between getting back on your feet or closing your doors.

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 In this day and age disasters can occur at any time,